Janine's Perspektive

Gdansk – Nice places

We have been in Gdansk for nearly 6 month now and I want to write down the places we have been to and maybe even the places I would really like to go to.
Hopefully I can come back to this list and see what I still have to look forward to:


– We have been to the beautiful Gdansk Zoo Oliwa
– We watched a EU-cup (Germany-Greece) match at the PGE Arena
– We have been to the beaches at Brzeźno, Sopot, Jelitkowo and even at dog beach in Gdynia. Maybe some more…
– We have had amazing hot chocolates at Wedel, Mount Blanc and probably will have many more in the months to come.
– We had some great food at Cyrano et Roxane, Thai Thai and Hashi Sushi
– We have been to some nice bars and cafes: Stacja de Luxe, Gdanski Bowke, Tekstylia, Café Absinthe,


– Walk in the famous Oliwa Park (this should actually happen this weekend)
– Seeing my first ever opera @ Opera Bałtycka
– Go to a concert (preferably piano) in the Filharmonia Bałtycka
– Visiting the Peninsula Hel
– Visiting Malbork Castle
– Seeing the upside-down house
– Hopefully some city breaks to: Poznan, Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw
– Have some more Polish food… preferably cooked by Polish people


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